Da il 11 maggio, 2012

I’m free when:

 I can say no

I believe my dreams can come true

I can spend my Sunday afternoon with a good friend

I say “I love you” without feelin’ trapped

I can drive my car, put some music on without destination at least for one day

I go to bed and think there’s another day beyond the night, waitin’ for me

I can hold anyone’s look with no sense of guilt

I cut my long hair like a punk and still feel like I haven’t lost anything

I’m aware I’m no super woman, can be right but can be wrong as well

I believe there’s non superior Being, just nature with its secrets unveiled and its marvels

I can type these words and be sure no one will judge me

I trust people

I love animals and feel non superiority towards them

I do not forget to be grateful for the sun, the moon, the stars and the sky upon my head

I do not forget to be grateful for the food and water I have, the little house and the garden

I remember I have a brain, I can do things by myself

I will be really totally free when I’ll be able to shut the door and believe things can be different

I’m not scared to say “I’m sorry”

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